This post contains all the work we have done for our multi-age continent study.

Week 1: Antarctica: Resources

Ribbet collageantarctica2

Week 2: Antarctica: Where in the World?

Ribbet collagearc2

Week 3: Antarctica: Making a Cookie Map


Week 4: Antarctica: Creating a Research Lab


Week 5: Antarctica: Experiments in the Snow


Week 6: Antarctica Inspired Art


Week 7: Antarctica: How Do Animals Survive Sub-zero Temperatures?

Ribbet collageblubber2

Week 8: Antarctica Verses the Arctic


Week 9: Antarctica Continent Box

Ribbet collagebox7

Week 10: Antarctica: Explorer Study – Shackleton

Ribbet collagesnow1

Week 11: Digging Deeper

antarctic web2

4 comments on “Continent Study: Antarctica

  1. You are doing a fantastic job getting the blog organized. You truly are a great resource for us. Thanks, Claire!

    • Thank you Donna. I’m sure my Sunday posts are a bit boring but they are helpful for bringing old posts up to the fore.

  2. This was such a great unit!

    • It was one of our more interesting country studies, probably because I knew nothing about it before we studied it!

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