In my quest to organise my blog, I am gathering all related posts into one post to make them easier to find.  This post includes all the science I have done with my little ones with bicarbonate and vinegar and anything else which results in a fizz.


Testing out the equipment

Pouring coloured water

Fizzy Fun : Experiments with Bicarb and vinegar

and stirred....

Fizzy Fun : Concoction Lab

and generally captures the heart of all and any who happen to be in the room.

Fizzy Fun : Coloured balls of fizz

A4 pipetting

Fizzy Fun : Exploding Baggies



Fizzy Fun : Elephant Toothpaste



2 comments on “Fizzy Fun at Angelicscalliwags

  1. They’re so cute in their little lab outfits. I really want to get some lab outfits for my kids…..

  2. If for no other reason, just looking at these adorable girls is reason enough to go through these posts! Too CUTE!!!

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