This contains all my Little House on the Prairie posts from the summer of 2013.

aaa little house on the prairie old fashioned photo

Little House on the Prairie Summer

A Summer of Little House Living – Our Plans: Outlining our 10 week plan

Everyone painting hard

Little House on the Prairie Unit Study: Week 1: Painting the Little House; Prairie Pancakes; Salted Pork; Corn bread; Paper Dolls; Button String; Mattress; Rope making; Rag rug

A4 with her button string

Little House on the Prairie Unit Study: Week Two: Grinding corn; Hasty Pudding; Sour dough starter and sour dough bread; Button Lamps; Prairie kitchen garden; Ladder making; Knitting a dish cloth; Pillow Case Nighties; Peg Hook; Rag rug

I showed the girls how to do it and they followed my instructions really well.  I was really surprised to learn A4 could tie a knot.  When did she learn how to do that?  She was able to do the whole thing independently, B2 needed help to tie the raffia.

Little House on the Prairie Unit Study: Week Three: Curtain making; Prairie kitchen garden; Net making; Hammock making; Curtain pole and hanging the curtains; Hay sticks; Soda biscuits

Using the overhand knot

Little House on the Prairie: Week 4: Sharpening an axe; Chopping wood; Stacking wood; Plant labels for our kitchen garden; Blueberry pie; Home made yogurt and cheese; Staining a rocking chair; Basket weaving; Natural medicines; Marigold buns


Little House on the Prairie:  Week 5: Basket weaving; Stove making; Little house sign; Plaque for inside the Little House; Molasses popcorn balls; Stuffed Prairie Hen, with all the trimmings


Little House on the Prairie: Week Six:  Prairie kitchen garden; Laundry soap balls; dish soap balls; Cloth dyeing with natural dyes; Making a Rag doll; Making a table cloth; Making stove; Butter making; Soda bread; Jam making


Little House on the Prairie: Week Seven: Prairie dressing up; making downstairs curtains; holding a prairie tea party; making fresh lemonade; making prairie biscuits; making a tea towel; making a toy butter press; making a sink unit; pulling radishes from kitchen garden; making cod balls.


Little House on the Prairie: Week Eight:  Laundry, laundry and more laundry….1800s style!


Little House on the Prairie: Week Nine:  Shelves, coffee pots and mugs, vegetable garden,  olde worlde photo

The kitchen area

Little House on the Prairie: Week Ten: The end of unit prairie Party

The older ones kindly let the littles go first

Little House on the Prairie: What next?

Little House on the Prairie: American Folk Museum Part 1

Little House on the Prairie: American Folk Museum Part 2

Little House on the Prairie: American Folk Museum Part 3


Review: My Book of Little House Paper Dolls

Review: Little House Books for Younger Readers

Review: My Little House Craft Book

Review: The Little House Cook Book

Review: Inside Laura’s Little House

Little House on the Prairie: Button String

Incr-Edible Science: Making a Sour Dough Starter

Stories of America Past

Sweet Marigold Buns

Making Raggy the Rag Doll


 Dressing Up Clothes


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