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Before Five in a Row (Ages 2-4)

In a quest to organise my blog a bit better, I am attempting to gather posts with similar themes together in one place.  These are all my Before Five in a Row posts.

I used Before Five in a Row with my pre-schoolers as their very first ‘structured’ school.  It is a literature based program with which we do many, many activities.


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9 comments on “Before Five in a Row (Ages 2-4)

  1. MudPuddleSoup

    Great resource page! I hope to finish all these books with my littlest one …. they are so sweet.

  2. You are doing a great job of organizing your blog. You have so many wonderful resources and now it will be so easy to find just what we need. Thank you, Claire!

  3. You are so organized. We loved Before Five In A Row. It makes me miss having little ones.
    Blessings, Dawn

    • We are beginning FIAR after Christmas and I’ll be sneaking back a few of the BFIAR books into their book box as well. Such lovely memories!

  4. These are all going to be such great resources for people.

    I was at a store yesterday and I found out a common name for the Ojibwe tribe is the Chipewa tribe. And then I went “I’ve heard of the Chipewa!”

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