The Birth of Jesus as Told by the Angelicscalliwags

Last night we were treated to the delights of the birth of Jesus a la angelicscalliwags.  Prepare yourself.  It wouldn’t be the most accurate rendition of the Nativity I’ve ever seen!

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Ribbet collagepm7

Ribbet collagepmemor

It was at this point I had to put out the food so I missed the shepherds tending their flocks and the three wise men, but nevertheless I smiled as I pondered just how wonderful childhood is, and what an absolute privilege it is to be a mummy.

I did manage to snap a lovely photo of T and his little sister before I left the room:


Feeling very blessed.

21 comments on “The Birth of Jesus as Told by the Angelicscalliwags

  1. What a perfectly lovely rendition of the Christmas Story. I am now well & truly ready for the beginning of Christmas, let the joy go forth!

    Love & hugs one & all
    Pat x

  2. Awww, I’ve got a video of my kids telling the entire Christmas story using a felt board back when they’re two or three, and it’s adorable.

  3. Hehe! It’s great when children are able to take ownership of the telling of the Nativity story rather than just having it told at them. Last night my boys, their mother and I received and set up the church’s Posada figures, read some Nativity books and sang carols – it was a lot of fun and I hope reminded them of what Advent is about. (PS I love the fact that a monkey came along for the ride!)

  4. Looks like so much fun!

  5. LOL! Wish I had seen it in person! Absolutely fantastic!

    • It is always a pleasure to watch their inventions but the jingle bell jig in the middle was hilarious!

  6. MudPuddleSoup

    The most precious kind of family moments!

  7. It was great. I was amazed that only four people could play he whole story. Super quick costume changes. Well done guys. It makes me proud to see how well you are able to tell the story of Jesus.

  8. So sweet. I love Gary’s comment above. It is a wonderful thing to see our children learn about Jesus.
    You all are just the BEST!!!

  9. That is adorable!

  10. What a blessing indeed! It’s so lovely to read and see all of the Christmas cheer and family togetherness in your home Claire.

    • Thanks Marie. I very much enjoyed their little play and had a sneaky giggle all the way through (not that I’d admit that to them!)

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