Ticia asked for me to do a post collecting all my Ojibwe posts into one place.  So here it is:

Native American Unit Study

meeting of the clans

The First Native American People: Mapping the Area


The First Native American People: Appreciating the Tribal Differences


The First Native Americans: Presenting the Information

Showing Granny her spirit masks

Native American Unit Week 1- The Birchbark House: Neebin (Summer)

Ribbet collagerockdolls

Native American Unit Week 2- The Birchbark House: Dagwaging (Fall)

Ribbet collagemaplesugar3

Native American Unit Week 3- The Birchbark House: Biboon (Winter)


Native American Unit Week 4- The Birchbark House: Zeegwun (Spring)

Ribbet collageweek4

Introducing the Ojibwe People

The final Newspaper

Ojibwe Oral Tradition


Native American Picture Books: Ojibwe Nation



Ojibwe Calender


Ojibwe Pictographs


Law Study – Ojibwe clans

They made it into a poster which they would present to my mum at the end of the week

Picture Study: Ojibwe Gathering of the Clans

DSC_0855picture studyclans

Art Study – Ojibwe Birch Bark Biting

Ribbet collagebirchbarkbiting

Ojibwe Art Study: Floral Designs

Ribbet collagebandolierbag

Ojibwe Fry Bread Recipe

Ribbet collageAutumn4

How to Make Native American Dress Up


Native American Dress Up: ‘Beaded’ Bracelets

Ribbet collagebracelet2

How to Make Native American Ojibwe Dolls Clothes





11 comments on “Native American Unit Study: Ojibwe Nation

  1. almostunschoolers

    This is great – Ticia had a good suggestion 🙂

  2. Oh Claire, I´m so happy, you feel better again! <3

  3. What a great resource! And thanks for linking up at the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you did this because it’s an amazing resource (not that it wasn’t for people before), but it’s going to help so many people use your unit.

  5. This is very useful. Thank you

  6. Wow, this is awesome! We are doing a Native American unit starting next week. Love your huge map!! I want to do something like that. I love all your hands-on craft projects. I know we won’t be able to do nearly as much…but we’ll certainly use some of these ideas!

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