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Medieval Feast: Meringue Swan Subtleties


For more information about medieval subtleties see here

L11 had a few different ideas for subtleties (small favours served between courses).  She has already made some marzipan ‘War of the Roses’ roses subtleties, now it was meringue swans.

First she whipped up some egg whites and caster sugar and piped the meringues onto her design of swan heads and swan wings:

Piping the meringue
Piping the meringue
The swan parts precooking
The swan parts precooking

After they had cooked and cooled she put the individual parts together using whipped cream as a glue:

The meringues after cooking
The meringues after cooking


Here is her swan
Here is her swan
We did learn that some of the wing design needed to be back to front.  It's a good job we did a pre-run!
We did learn that some of the wing designs needed to be back to front, in order for both the wings to look the same on the outside.   It’s a good job we did a pre-run!
My girl and her swan
My girl and her swan

Well done, L11, I think you’re doing a great job!

22 comments on “Medieval Feast: Meringue Swan Subtleties

  1. I’m looking forward to sampling those delights. Good job

  2. Looks very appetising!

  3. Yes, she is doing a good job. At least you get to try them, Gary…think of all of us that see them, but can’t taste them. LOL

  4. Wow! That’s pretty neat. I’m a medievalist at heart, so I am enjoying seeing the things you guys are coming up with. A very creative way to study this time period.

  5. Fantastic job! They do look delicious!

  6. Ticia Adventures in Mommydom

    She did great! That took a lot of patience.

  7. www.aspiredliving.net

    Okay, when I saw this on pinterest I should of known it was you! I’m SOOOOO glad you link up on Finishing strong because I really enjoy your posts and your creativity. As a not so creative Mama you provide me with great many ideas!!! Blessings, Kyle

  8. We are looking forward to your post and pictures of the feast!!!

  9. L did a most excellent job on her swans. And I agree, sad for those of us who can only admire from a blog post. You will have to tell us how scrumptious they are when you have your feast.

  10. What a talented girl you have!

  11. Wow, these are fabulous!

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