Right at the beginning of this project I had encouraged C11 to make a design board in order to create a clearer idea of the clothes she wished to make for her dolls.  Here is the initial sketch:

I asked her to draw out a generic, prototype mood board, which she would then copy for each class (peasant to princess) mood board she does

This helped C11 to visualise and consolidate the ideas in her head. They also gave me a pictorial idea of where she was going.

As she had never encountered a mood or design board before, I suggested we had a look on pinterest.  This gave her lots ideas to incorporate into her own board.  She played around with her board using material cut offs and cereal box card, until she came up with a design she was happy with.

I bought her a large sheet of black card, and a white pen to write her notes with.  She cut out all the shapes of the clothing she intended to make and using strong glue she proceeded to stick them as per her cereal box rough copy:

Sticking the cloth on
Sticking the cloth on

She used sticky backed foam to make the title, choosing brown to give a peasant-y feel to the board.  She then wrote all her notes, labelling each piece of clothing:

We were both really pleased by how it turned out
We were both really pleased by how it turned out
And a close up
And a close up
Another close up
Another close up

And here is the final design board alongside the final costume:

I think it will be a great display board for her presentation
I think it will be a great display board for her presentation

She’s doing the knight’s lady next and we’ve only got three more weeks left to finish it in.  The pressure’s on!

19 comments on “Medieval Fashions: Peasant Girl Design Board

  1. The design board is a great idea – and it looks fantastic! Good luck with the knight’s lady!

  2. Wow, it’s brilliant, I kinda want to make my own now!

  3. That’s a great idea as a prelude to the sewing. It’s a bit like making a prototype?
    Well done C!

  4. I love this! I think your children might work in museums when they get older. They sure will be qualified.

  5. I love the outfit, and the design process – well done C11! The skills your children are learning are mind-boggling!!

  6. The design board is a fantastic touch – one I never would have thought of. Great job!

  7. She did a great job on her design board.

  8. Someday when you and your daughter have an infinite amount of time to be distracted by historical fashion check out this blog: http://thedreamstress.com/

    Then come back and curse me because I’ve now given you a new obsession and you will never sleep again reading the old posts. Or wait, was that me that happened to, and I’m cursing/thanking my friend for my new obsession.

    And design boards are so much fun, I make them all the time. Though mine are often sketches of concepts for clothes. Not the fully realized one you have.

  9. C11 did a wonderful job on her design board. I showed this to Gracie and she was quite impressed. The girls and I are excited to see her next project. I am curious, do they ever sew their own clothing? We do skirts, but we haven’t tackled tops yet. Not sure about those sleeves.

    • They don’t. C only started to learn sewing on a machine about three weeks ago. I kept putting it off (not sure why). She took to it like a duck to water, so I can see homemade clothes in our future

  10. Sewing doll clothes is a great introduction to sewing, and I love the medieval costume. She did a great job.

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