Whilst the older ones were away this weekend and B2 was in bed, A4 and I made a button string.  A button string is made by threading buttons of different shapes and sizes onto some strong twine and fastening it.  It was used by Carrie as a toy and very possibly a teething ring.  We gathered all our supplies: The Little House Craft book, strong leather twine, an assortment of colourful buttons, a four-year old who couldn’t wait and her mother:

Our button box
Our button box

A4, who absolutely knows her own mind and would be quite comfortable in the Houses of Parliament where she would hold her own with very little effort, quickly organised proceedings.  She was to thread two buttons, after which it was my turn.  She would choose her buttons and then she would also choose mine.  She was sure to emphasise the choosing my buttons part, so that I wouldn’t spoil the whole procedure.  My turn but not my buttons.  I know my place, so acquiesced to being bossed around, gradually giving up the will to have any original thought of my own.  A4 had a ball, did really well and made a beautiful button string:

A4 threading merrily away
A4 threading merrily away
A4 with her button string
A4 with her button string

As B2 is past the stage of anything going in her mouth we allowed her some play time with it.  The button string will be going into our toy basket, alongside all the toys we make this summer.  The basket will sit by the sleeping area in the upstairs of our little house.

A4 (and my) button string
A4 (and my) button string

A4’s post about making pancakes with me and B2 is up on the children’s blog, if you’d like to go and have a peek.

17 comments on “Little House on the Prairie: Button String

  1. Too funny, about A4’s assertiveness! I love the button string. It’s a great motor skill exercise.

  2. Very nice. You let mummy know who the boss is…………………me!!!

  3. Your A4 sounds just like my A4-almost 5. I am hoping it is a stage but, I doubt it.! Also,a strip of jerky was used for teething too, we had a pioneer or two in my family and we have some family tales that will never make it into the history books! It’s a wonder that I am here! lol- Have fun!- Tonyia

    • What is jerky? I don’t think we get it over here. How wonderful to have actual pioneers in the family. If you want to share some of your family tales, I’d love for you to do a guest post on my blog. The children would love to hear them.

      • Let me get through the next week to 10 days and I will send you some of our tales-Jerky is a strip of dried beef, it was usually heavily salted( and peppered)-the seasoning was rinsed off giving the baby a flavorful chew toy-it is sooooooo tough it doesn’t come apart easily-the stuff you get in the stores today doesn’t compare……………..

      • Take as much time as you want, there’s absolutely no pressure!
        I’ve never had dried meat, not sure if I ever want to have dried meat…but I might look out some for the children. Then I’ll probably have to eat it, y’know, in the name of education!!

      • I need to correct my jerky statement-it could be venison, buffalo etc- Whatever type of meat that was available to preserve-I grew up with beef & venison and just think of those first!

  4. Sounds like Princess, she quite knows her mind too.

  5. She is so adorable, though. My boys made button strings when they were about that age, too, even though it is thought of as more a girl’s thing to do.

  6. Oh my I am laughing so, so hard here…. I thought I was the only Mommy who gave up all claim to an original thought. I would not like to see your A4 and my little man together…. It would amount to a spectacular fireworks display! Because my son’s middle name should have been ‘headstrong’…. But your girly looks so proud of ‘your’ button string! Lovely fun!

    • It was really lovely because it was just her and I for about two hours. I never get that kind of time with her. Just so precious…even with the bossing around!

  7. Wonder where she gets that from?????

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