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Preschool Adventure Box: B4FIAR Goodnight Moon

This week for our preschool adventure box we looked at Goodnight Moon. It has to be one of our all time family favourites, one I read to the littles each night and one A4 knows off by heart.

Goodnight Moon: Read alouds and go along books

These were the little one’s extra bed time read alouds. Sneakily, they were also available in the morning whilst the older ones were doing their chores and also during quiet time.

Goodnight Moon: Factual books

In the same vein as the fiction books, these were available in the morning and during quiet time to browse through. The factual books were mainly used for their pictures rather than script.



  • Moon Dough Tray:

Firstly, I gave them some moon dough to play with:

Goodnight Moon

The perfect combination of moon dough and bunny shapes – a great tray activity.  Here is A4 playing with the rabbits she made:

Goodnight Moon

  • Night-time Scene:

Next, the girls created a beautiful night scene:

Goodnight Moon

Here, B2 uses white paint mixed with flour to create an unevenly surfaced moon:

Goodnight Moon

The girls are preparing their night sky with glitter glue:

Goodnight Moon

They then stuck some stars on the scene:

Goodnight Moon

And their resulting night skies:

Goodnight Moon

  • Bunny Lego tray and Goodnight Moon puzzle:

Also, I managed to get hold of some bunny Lego and a real Goodnight Moon puzzle!

Goodnight Moon

I always love getting the older ones involved too:

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

  • Creating a Night Sky with their Brother:

Lastly, another night sky:

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon


I photocopy a wad of these to hand out as and when needed.

Goodnight Moon: Snacks

  • Ginger star biscuits

We baked these ourselves and the littles decorated them:

Goodnight Moon

  • Mini muffin snack tin: 

Goodnight Moon

I used healthy star crisps, cheese stars, apple moons with a couple of chocolate stars.

  • Moony Muffin

We cut some holey cheese to fit onto half an English muffin, we added two star cheese slices with a few sweetcorn kernels:

Goodnight Moon

  • Phases of the Moon

I demonstrated the phases of the moon using Oreos and a CD for the earth and a banana as the sun:

Goodnight Moon

  • Muffin tin meal

Goodnight Moon

I cooked a star-shaped pasta cheese, made a moon from a round tortilla with holey cheese on top with some chopped cherry tomatoes underneath, I cut kiwi, mango, papaya and melon into moon and star shapes and sprinkled a few chocolate stars on top of some yogurt. For a treat I added some star sprinkles all around the muffin tin.

Goodnight Moon: Games or Group activities

The children and I decided to throw a Goodnight Moon slumber party! Oh, the fun!! We all joined in with the preparations:

  • C10 made the invitation:

Goodnight Moon Goodnight Moon Goodnight Moon

  • L10 baked little Rabbit cakes:

Goodnight Moon Goodnight Moon Goodnight Moon

  • T11 and L10 packed the Bunny bags:

Each had little bunny cuddly toys, the picnic, Bunny chocolates, a Bunny cake L10 had made and a Bunny cracker:

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon
A4 and B2 had an extra bunny rabbit in their bag

Goodnight Moon

  • Preparing the Room:

Daddy and T10 prepared the room by sticking glow in the dark moons and stars on the ceiling and our ‘pin the tail on the Goodnight Moon’ bunny on the wall and putting down our sofa bed and collecting duvets. And me? I kinda just organised (read bossed!) everyone! No change there then! I did light a candle or two. Our room just before the littles saw it:

Goodnight Moon

Sofa bed down, duvets brought down and Goodnight Moon Bunny baskets lined up along the bed:

Goodnight Moon

  • The Actual Goodnight Moon Party

As they came in:

Goodnight Moon

Everyone snuggled on the sofa bed and ate tea, whilst Daddy read the Velveteen Rabbit, which was too long to have had as a go along, but is such a wonderful book I couldn’t resist!

Goodnight Moon

Whilst Daddy read the Velveteen Rabbit:

Goodnight Moon

We all had a turn at ‘pin the tail on the rabbit’:

Goodnight Moon

B2 had watched everyone else and very enthusiastically stuck it right on, no hesitation!

Goodnight Moon

I missed the Rabbit, which by the way everyone had turned upside down, and aimed right for Gary’s forehead. I didn’t miss and considered myself the winner!!  (the others fervently disagreed!!)

Then we turned out the lights, blew out the candles and enjoyed the peaceful effect of the glow in the dark stars on our ceiling whilst we listened to Goodnight Moon being read by Susan Saradon

A great end to a great book study!

All my slumberers snuggling with Daddy. How blessed am I?

Goodnight Moon


31 comments on “Preschool Adventure Box: B4FIAR Goodnight Moon

  1. What a fantastic way to learn with the book! I’m now wishing we had done even half these things when we rowed it with BFIAR….maybe we need a nostalgic revisitation-read of it.

    • We revisit every B4FIAR book at least once! Next year we’ll be interspersing FIAR with rerows of B4FIAR. I can’t resist so much fun packaged up in one week!!

  2. How fun! I didn’t do half as much when Tiger and I read this book, and I really like your ideas. Maybe I’ll get to use them the next time round — with my grandchildren. 🙂

    • I had to laugh at loud at that! Whilst I don’t enjoy every FIAR book, this one has to be a favourite, simply for it’s potential. I’ll be rerowing next year-you’ll have to come and join us!

  3. What a huge collection of activities! Thanks for sharing. We love book-based units.

  4. We have this book, and now we have some good ideas to go with it, thanks!

  5. I kinda wish I’d done FIAR when my kids were younger, but I never quite followed up on that idea. Maybe that will be our summer learning……

  6. I all this unit! Your snacks and muffins are really wonderful. I will be sharing this post on Facebook and Pinterest.

  7. All your activities and snacks look SO fun! The muffin tins are great, but my favorite is the English Muffin cheese night scene on the blue plate – it is so pretty!
    Thank you for linking up with Muffin Tin Monday. I love peeking in on what you’re up to. 🙂

  8. What a wonderful week! I love BFIAR. Glad you posted at 1+1+1.

  9. This is so cute! Love those little star cut-outs 🙂

  10. Such a fun MTM! I love the theme 😊. I also love the use of Oreos for the moon phases demonstration! What great ideas you have!

  11. Claire, I just adore the picture of your little one holding those rabbits in her hand. Thanks for linking up!

  12. I’m amazed by how many activities you fit in. The Oreo phases of the moon cookies are great.

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  14. What a fun week! I love that you had cookies for her to decorate. We made moon oreos way back when too and my kids still talk about it =-)

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Don’t forget to change to our {new} button ~ Thanks =-)

    Hope to see you linked up again later today! Have a great weekend,

  15. Alison Johnson

    How wonderfully creative for the kids – I also love the use of oreos for demonstrating the moons phases. I’ve always had a fascination with astronomy, and my son is the same! (I remember decorating my ceiling with stars and a moon when I was a kid). Looks like a fun and happy home!! 🙂

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