Muffin Tin Monday – B4FIAR Goodnight moon


This weeks muffin tin is based on one of our favourite books, Goodnight Moon, which we read EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT!  It is such a lovely, simple book and there are so many things to choose from to put in the muffin tin.  The little bunny says goodnight to all the objects of importance to him in his room; from mice to mush, kittens to mittens, the moon, the cow jumping over the moon – you get the picture!  This week I came across a bunny themed children’s apple juice, which of course I just had to buy.  I also got some English muffins and made some omelette and placed the omelette inside the English muffin and cut out a bunny shape – this represented the little bunny and the little old lady whispering hush.  I had some tapioca which I served as the mush.  I got some chocolate stars and milky way buttons for the moon.  I came across a sugar mouse sitting on a biscuit.  Last but not least I added some carrot flavoured healthy crisps just in case the baby bunny got hungry after all those goodnights!  All this was served in our super-duper bunny shaped muffin tin.  It is our last week in bunnies, then a weeks holiday followed by some fun weeks doing a bear unit.

Here is our Goodnight Bunny Muffin Tin:


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  1. Awe very cute! Great work mom! Reminds me that we’ve not had a proper muffin tin meal in too long,lol. Our family loves Good Night Moon here too , totally agree that it’s a great book! Have a great week! Oh- here from the HHH 🙂

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